About Providence Healthcare

Last year, the Silver Ball raised $1.25 million (net) in honour of our 25-year history of raising funds in support of the patients and caregivers of Providence Healthcare.

In 2019, we aim to raise $1 million for Providence. Providence is committed to empowering our patients, residents and families through a unique combination of healthcare services. We believe in motivating our patients so they can discover how strong they truly are.

Since 1847, Providence has taken an innovative approach to healthcare by providing rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care and community programs to Toronto residents.

Our three main areas of care include:

Providence Hospital:

We help adults rehabilitate and regain their strength after suffering complex medical conditions. Over 5,000 people utilize our innovative approaches each year. Providence's Ambulatory Services and Clinics provide ongoing recovery, wellness, and sustained well-being.

In addition, our Hospital offers a modern palliative care program to support patients and their families through end of life care. Full time patient admissions service and short-term respite admissions are also available for palliative patients.


Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence:

Our long-term care home provides a supportive environment for our 288 residents. The Houses of Providence staff provide the highest standards of comfort, care and dignity for our residents by focusing on best practices and a high quality of life.

Adult Day Program:

This program provides people with moderate to severe dementia with around the clock care. The general community and families have access to the Scotiabank Learning Centre for individual support, group support, and education resources.

As Toronto's healthcare needs continue to evolve, Providence will continue to adapt by upholding the ‘helping and healing’ tradition that is engrained in our values.

We are Providence, and we exist to inspire your strongest self.

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STRENGTH IS our supporters.
STRENGTH IS our patients.
STRENGTH IS Providence Healthcare.