Providence Healthcare Foundation is excited to announce that Elijah Wood x Jamie Fine will join us at the 2018 Silver Ball as our Headline Performers!

These Ottawa-area musicians’ first big break was as winners of CTV’s “The Launch” – a reality television series that aims to launch a musical artist with every show. The Woods-Fine version of the song “Ain’t Easy” had the mentors swooning over the power of Fine’s voice.

When Elijah (instrumentalist/composer) and Jamie (lyricist/vocalist) put their passions together the possibilities are endless. What they do together is the epitome of a duo. They will surprise you with their candour and depth of intention to their art. The best way to prepare for their performance is to eliminate expectations.

Elijah Wood x Jamie Fine 3.jpg

Elijah Wood x Jamie Fine breach the boundaries of Pop music, touching on many influences including Hip-Hop and R&B that consistently shake up their sound. What remains will continue to be a vision that deviate from the mainstream in a bid to “make people feel real” as they listen and expose their vulnerabilities – even those they didn’t know that they had.