Meet Mr. Kaizen

Meet Mr. Kaizen

Official 2018-19 Style Partner of Providence Healthcare Foundation


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Kassius Denizen is a business professional, certified life coach and stylist. He has been an influencer in the Toronto nightlife scene since 2008. He has applied his extensive experience in image consulting, social networking and luxury lifestyle into founding a unique boutique lifestyle consulting service called “Meet Mr. Kaizen”. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal improvement.

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The origins of “Meet Mr. Kaizen” are both accidental and serendipitious. What started out as a two week vacation quickly morphed into a one and a half year apprenticeship after he met a tailor on his trip. His passion for design along with the various clients he met, cemented his focus on men. He quickly recognized that most men were simply going through the motions, not being truly sure of what their roles were – unaware of how they were living their lives and who they really were. The fact that society has placed a major focus on what men can get for themselves was troubling. Kassius was concerned about how this perception affected community and instead envisioned a model where men would share when they were strong, and help others around them.

While in his shop, Kassius and his customers have deep conversations about life. He soon realized that that up to 90% of them found that they had to reinvent themselves, learn social etiquette, and build confidence after a major life event. To become the best version of themselves with the confidence and “swagger” not to be takers. The experience is definitely an “inside out process”, not just a style update.

Kassius initially connected with Providence Healthcare at a MAPP function, and quickly realized that the MAPP philosophy was a perfect match. The members understand the concept of philanthropy, and were willing to do something about it. This initial connection led to “Meet Mr. Kaizen’s” involvement with Providence at various events, and ultimately to his company becoming the Official 2018-19 Style Partner of Providence Healthcare Foundation!

Kassius has considerable goals for growing his company over the next few years, with plans to open offices in six major cities around the world – including Montreal, New York, Paris, Munich and London.

Providence Healthcare Foundation is excited to welcome “Meet Mr. Kaizen” on board as our official 2018-19 Style Partner, and to be able to offer our guests the opportunity to bid at the Silver Ball’s Silent Auction to be able to access his wide array of services which were generously donated.

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Infamous “Yorkdale Santa” styled by Kassius!